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Eric Gales - The Story Of My Life (2008)

The Eric Gales Band - Sign Of The Storm

Eric Gales - The Story Of My Life (2008)





Not to be confused with acclaimed jazz guitarist Eric Gale, Memphis-born blues-rock phenomenon Eric Gales first picked up the instrument at the young age of four years old. Tutored and encouraged by his older brothers Eugene and Manuel (better known as Little Jimmy King), Gales learned how to play the Fender Stratocaster upside-down and left-handed, as per his brothers' lead. At age eleven, the youngest Gales was already smoking other players at blues competitions, with his brother Eugene backing him on bass.

Gales earned his first recording contract at age 15, releasing The Eric Gales Band album in 1991, followed by Picture of a Thousand Faces in '93. Fueled by Gales' incendiary fretwork, the albums yielded a pair of rock radio hits and put the young player on the radar as an up-and-coming guitar god. Gales worked with both his brothers for 1996's Left Hand Brand, and then disappeared for five years until the 2001 release of That's What I Am on MCA Records. Since then, Gales' association with Shrapnel Records founder Mike Varney has been, perhaps, the most prolific period of his life, resulting in three record

ings to date, including Gales' seventh studio album, The Story Of My Life.

Eric Gales' The Story Of My Life

From the very beginning, The Story Of My Life is a roller-coaster ride of bent-strings and machinegun notes...only the pace of the individual song is in question, as Gales approaches each song with a scattergun assault of solo flurries and rhythmic hurricanes. Featuring the guitarist's trademark blend of traditional blues and soulful, Memphis-flavored, psychedelic-tinged blues-rock, The Story Of My Life offers up a wealth of red-hot guitarplay that will singe the ear-hair right off your head.

"Save Yourself" is a throwback to Gales' earliest work, a rocker with a heart of gold that channels Hendrix by way of Robin Trower, Gales' soaring fretwork supported by a blast-furnace rhythm section in bassist Steve Evans and drummer Jeremy Colson. The slow-walking "I Ain't No Shrink" mixes some Texas-blues stew with a side-dish of Chicago-styled Westside shuffle, while the title track does an admirable job of updating a big-sounding early-1970s stadium rock vibe with an inventive arrangement, vocal harmonies, and time changes.

The Sound Of Electric Guitar

Sounding like a 1960s-styled space-rock freak-out, Gales' amps up the psychedelic tones for the ear-bashing six-string workout "The Sound of Electric Guitar." Featuring one of Gales' most inspired performances, the song's blister-and-peel fretwork is matched, grenade-for-grenade, by Evans and Colson's diesel rhythms. "Cut And Run" is a romp across the boogie-rock landscape, the band doing its best Foghat impersonation as Gales' lays down his lightning-quick fretboard runs on top of the song's choogling framework.

The squirrely notes that kick off "Borderline Personality" disguise the song's menacing, chaotic soundtrack, which teeters on the edge of psychosis throughout much of its six-minute run, Gales' six-string screaming in perverse delight as the band whomps up a bunch of new big-beat ear-crackers. "Bringin' The Hammer" down is bound to be a live audience fave, with a larger-than-life overall sound and tightwire guitar fills. The bluesy power-ballad "Gypsy" offers up a subdued, truly nuanced guitar performance from Gales, complimented by his serviceable vocals.

The Reverend's Bottom Line

You'll hear a lot that's familiar on The Story Of My Life: scraps of Hendrix, shreds of Stevie Ray, impressions of Robin Trower; dare I say, even a hint of Curtis Mayfield. Gales has too often been criticized as being "derivative" or of "over-playing," but in reality, the string-shredder is working in a well-trodden, time-tested blues-rock genre where there's little truly new under the sun. As for Gales' alleged "over-playing," that's a matter of opinion, really...some of us like manic OTT string-bending in a bluesy vein.

Gales' vocals are soulful in places, raw in others, but he is always trying to transcend his limitations. For Eric Gales, his guitar does most of the talking, and it speaks loudly on The Story Of My Life. Lest we forget, Gales is still relatively young by blues standards, and his continued evolution as an artist, a songwriter, and even as a guitarist is impressive to watch. (Blues Bureau International)

By Reverend Keith A. Gordon

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Chris Duarte Group - Vantage Point (2008)

Chris Duarte - Shilo Part 1

Chris Duarte Gear Talking




Chris Duarte : Guitars, Vocal
Joel Powell: Bass

Chris Burroughs: Drums

01. The Best I Can Do

02. Satisfy
03. Slapstak
04. More Boogie
05. Troubles On Me
06. Let's Have A Party
07. The End Of Me And You
08. Blow Your Mind
09. She Don't Live Here Anymore
10. Babylon
11. Woodpecker
12. Blow Your Mind (Extended Version )
13. Troubles On Me (Extended Version)

Chris Duarte, a San Antonio native was born in February of 1963, the same year as his Strat. The new CD Vantage Point is poised to surpass the expectations of his loyal fan base as it features his best work in the context of high energy blues rock contains moments that bring to mind legendary artists as diverse as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Johnson. Get ready to have your face rocked off! Chris Duarte has been known to play guitar till his fingers bleed.
Now six albums into his career, it doesn't seem likely that Chris Duarte will ever quite shake off comparisons to Stevie Ray Vaughan and, to a lesser extent, Jimi Hendrix -- not because those comparisons are lazy critical shorthand but because Duarte continues to find more to mine in the tones and licks of those twin Stratocaster gods. On Vantage Point he relies rather heavily on Texas shuffles and slow, elongated 12-bar blues, so the scales are tipped slightly in SRV's favor, but Duarte does manage to fuse his two inspirations on "She Don't Live Here Anymore," which comes across as a Stevie Ray spin on "Voodoo Chile." Of course, Vaughan covered that on Couldn't Stand the Weather, finding his own voice within Hendrix, and Duarte follows his idol's lead here, creating his own sound out of his inspirations. At first, the similarities to Stevie Ray can be overwhelming -- Duarte loves that big, clean out-of-phase sound that SRV did -- but that fades away as you concentrate on how Duarte spins away from that, either in the funky, Jeff Beck fusion of "Woodpecker," or how liquid his leads on "More Boogie" are. Throughout this record, Duarte's playing is this exceptional, but the best moments here are when his writing is up to his playing, as it is on the old-style roadhouse shuffle "Satisfy." These are the moments that suggest his growth as a writer is starting to match his growth as a player.

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Queen and Paul Rodgers - The Cosmos Rocks (2008)

Queen + Paul Rodgers - Cosmos Rockin (Live)

The Cosmos Rocks Q and A Session1




Bigger than a house rockin’, bigger than your city rockin’, bigger than the country rockin’, even bigger than the whole Earth rockin’, here it is, the first new studio album involving Queen since 1995 and the entire COSMOS is rockin’.

Not like the boys haven’t been busy, a worldwide sold-out tour with singer Paul Rodgers in 2006/7, the worldwide smash hit rock musical We Will Rock You built around the music of Queen, the 46664 African AIDS charity they co-founded with Nelson Mandela, Brian May’s newly minted Doctorate in Astronomy, and, of course, their ever vibrant hits which continued to get played on radio stations ranging from Radio Disney to Classic Rock, with everything in between.

Queen’s newly re-organized Internet profile has immediate impact on the new Queen+Paul Rodgers release - 1.2 MILLION friends on iLike, 350,000 friends on Facebook with active sites and planned features on MySpace, Bebo, Buzznet and iMeem PLUS, for the first time, an official Queen YouTube channel programmed featuring clips which have already garnered over 60 million views!

The album includes the first single “C-lebrity”, the 46664 theme “Say It’s Not True” centerpieces “Still Burnin’”, “Time To Shine” and We Believe” and 9 more soon-to-be classics.

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Peter Friestedt - L.A. Project, Vol. 2 (2008)




1. Where To Touch You(Bill Champlin/Cunnarsson, S./Peter Friestedt/J. Lundberg)
2. Cheyenne (Peter Friestedt / Randy Goodrum)
3. One More Night (Tommy Denander / Peter Friestedt / Brian Hobbs)
4. There Ain't Nothin' (Bill Cantos / Peter Friestedt / Gunnarsson, Stefan / Brian Hobbs)
5. Love Is Gonna Getcha (Lou Pardini / Scott, Alan Roy / Reed Vertelney)
6. Closer To Home (Peter Friestedt)
7. Always On My Mind (bonus track) (Peter Friestedt / Brian Hobbs / Sjöberg, Henrik)
8. Love Is A Powerful Thing (Michael Ruff)
9. Careless Mockingbird (Randy Goodrum)
10. Waiting For You (Peter Friestedt)

Peter Friestedt
(guitar, keyboards)

Joseph Williams (vocals)
Bill Champlin (vocals)
Randy Goodrum (vocals, keyboards)
Lou Pardini (vocals, keyboards)
Bill Cantos
(vocals, keyboards)
Michael Ruff (vocals)
Stefan Gunnarsson (vocals, keyboards, bass, guitar)
Abraham Laboriel (bass)
John Robinson (drums)
Tris Imboden (drums)
Tommy Denander (guitar, bass)
Ingemar Aberg (tbd)
Wojtec Goral (saxophone, flute)
Magnus Johansson (trumpet, flugel horn)

Peter Friestedt's latest album is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed album from five years ago. The new album features lead vocals from Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin, Randy Goodrum, Lou Pardini, Michael Ruff and Bill Cantos. Some of them also lend their help as featured musicians on the album, among the other musicians we also find Peter Friestedt (of-course) and friends like Abraham Laboriel, John ‘JR’ Robinson, Tris Imboden and Stefan Gunnarsson. The album is mixed by Ronny Lahti and mastered in HDCD-quality by Björn Engelman at Cutting Room in Stockholm. The material on the album is very strong and Peter has amongst others co-written with Bill Champlin and Randy Goodrum. What makes this record irresistible is the combination of outstanding musical performances, state of the art song-writing and high quality production!

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Yellowjackets - Lifecycle (2008)



Russell Ferrante: keyboard
Jimmy Haslip: bass
Bob Mintzer: sax
Marcus Baylor: drums
Mike Stern: guitar

According to some basic, undeniable laws of nature, when two powerful forces collide, something explosive will occur, and a dramatic transformation is likely to take place as a result. It’s a law that applies to every dynamic in the known universe, including jazz.

It stands to reason, then, that when a formidable jazz quartet like the Yellowjackets convenes in the studio with a high-energy guitar virtuoso like Mike Stern, the resulting reaction will be a singular event – one that’s likely to create something entirely new on the jazz landscape. The new collaborative recording by the Jackets and Stern, and the first Yellowjackets recording in 15 years to feature a guitar player, Lifecycle illustrates the kind of energy and creative brilliance that results when five talented players pool their individual talents as songwriters and musicians and merge into an entity that’s far greater than the sum of its parts.
  1. Falken's Maze (Bob Mintzer)
  2. Country Living (Jimmy Haslip)
  3. Double Nickel (Mike Stern)
  4. Dreams Go (Mike Stern)
  5. Measure of a Man (Russell Ferrante)
  6. Yahoo (Bob Mintzer)
  7. I Wonder (Bob Mintzer)
  8. 3 Circles (Marcus Baylor / Russell Ferrant / Jimmy Haslip / Bob Mintzer )
  9. Claire's Closet (Russell Ferrante)
  10. Lazaro (Jimmy Haslip / Bob Mintzer

Count Basic - Love & Light (2007)




1.Last Man On Earth (P.Legat, A.Janoska jun./K.Smith)

2.LOVE & LIGHT (P.Legat, A.Janoska jun./K.Smith)

3.No Visible Scars (P.Legat/P.Legat, K.Smith)

4.Supa Dupa (P.Legat, A.Janoska jun./K.Smith)

5.Love Thang (P.Legat, A.Janoska jun./K.Smith)

6.I Wanna Get Off (P.Legat, A.Janoska jun./K.Smith)

7.Get By (P.Legat, A.Janoska jun./K.Smith)

8.Nobody Loves Me Better (A.Janoska jun./K.Smith)

9.Right All The Time (P.Legat/K.Smith)

10.Sun Shines On You (P.Legat, A.Janoska jun./K.Smith)

11.Sir Karl (Peter Legat)

12.People These Days (P.Legat, A.Janoska jun./K.Smith)

13.Back to Nice (P.Legat, A.Janoska jun.)

Kelli Sae - Voz
Peter Legat - Guitarra
Willi Langer - Baixo
Dieter Kolbeck - Teclados
Dirk Eichinger - Bateria
Laurinho Bandeira - Percussão (Contribuição brazuca)
Christian Radovan - Trombone
Martin Fuss - Sax Tenor
Bumi Fian - Trompete

It has been 13 years now that Count Basic, the brain child of Peter Legat and Kelli Sae, started to please their audiences all over the world with distinctive cosmopolitan soundscapes – although they hail from the rather small metropolis of Vienna, Austria. But maybe the new art of world music isn’t about hype-fringed ethno-styles at all. For sure it’s all about the groove and how you play it. “Love & Light”, the new album by Count Basic stands up to prove this point – impressive, persuasive and in a better temper than ever.

5 years have passed since the release of the last full-length-album by the almost legendary formation and not only a change of record label happened on the way.

“It’s very exciting for us do a fresh start” says Peter Legat, “the change of label has boosted our motivation and pulled us away from the old tracks – so far away that we reached back to our very roots, the typical Count Basic-Sound of the nineties.”

“Love & Light” is also the fifth Count Basic-album since their first LP “Life Think It Over” from 1994. When Legat, together with the premier league of acid jazz, recorded this first album in London he met Kelli Sae, a young vocalist from New York, who contributed to the very first hits of Count Basic. Since then Sae has been a regular member of the worldwilde successful group.

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